About Us

At Adore Fragrances, we understand that every person has a unique olfactory journey. Our mission is to help you find the perfect fragrance that resonates with your personality and style. Whether you prefer timeless classics or contemporary blends, we offer a carefully selected range of exquisite perfumes for both men and women. 

Adore Fragrances is a supplier of Parallel Import fragrances. Our fragrances are sourced internationally and stored in warehouses across South Africa and distributed nationwide. The fragrances we supply are packaged and sealed in their original packaging. Adore Fragrances aspires to deliver fragrances that are well packaged and in good condition. In certain instances, these packages may have a slight defect due to the fact that the perfumes supplied are parallel imports.

At Adore Fragrances, our suppliers have been carefully selected as we offer and provide fragrances that are pleasing to the senses and long lasting. Whilst the utmost care has been taken in the selection of our suppliers, on certain occasions perfumes may vary in colour and smell, this however is a rare occurrence.

Our Inspired by images presented on Adore Fragrances is for illustration purposes only and is not a representation of the packaging your perfume may be delivered in. The packaging represented on Adore Fragrances has been used to give you an idea of the product you are purchasing and are for comparison purposes only. The images used on Adore Fragrances are in no way meant to mislead or confuse you, but are instead meant to assist in the comparing of fragrances.

 In no way do we claim that the perfumes on Adore Fragrances are originals, but they may be seen as a replica of the original perfume manufacturer or designer.